Food For Thought – What Foods Are Good For Your Teeth?

Whilst a good oral health routine can help prevent dental pain or the need for restorative dentistry, the different types of foods that you eat will also have a significant effect on the state of your teeth. If you want to make sure that your diet is boosting your oral health as much as is possible then here are a few foods that you might want to start including in your diet – as well as a few to avoid.

Calcium and phosphorus filled foods, such as nuts, cheese and chicken can help make your mouth and teeth healthier as they protect the tooth enamel. This is because when they deliver the dose of phosphorus and calcium this enables the teeth to ‘remineralise’ i.e. re-deposit minerals in the teeth that have been removed by acids.

Green tea and black tea are both fantastic cavity fighters as they contain polyphenols, which interact with plaque on the teeth and suppress the bacteria that causes plaque from growing or producing harmful acid. Polyphenols are also present in coffee.

Water is crucial if you want to maintain good oral health as it’s essential for saliva, which is key to both tooth and gum health thanks to its acid neutralising properties. As well as keeping you hydrated generally it’s also a good rinsing agent for sugary foods and snacks.

Whilst not strictly a food, sugarless gums are a great idea, as they stimulate saliva production in the mouth and can help to ‘scrub’ teeth. Those that also contain Xylitol are great weapons in the fight against tooth decay as they work against the mutant strains of streptococci, which are the key cause of tooth decay.

Fruit and vegetables are key to any healthy diet and, specifically for your oral health, high fibre options are a great way to keep your teeth in tip top condition as they take longer to chew and stimulate more saliva production. Crunchy, juicy vegetables also act to ‘scrub’ the teeth, as well as having a high water content.

In terms of foods to avoid when it comes to your teeth, for the most part these are fairly obvious. Carbonated drinks, high sugar foods, high acid food and drink, sticky sweets, dried fruit and anything that dries out your mouth, such as alcohol, tend to have a very negative effect on your teeth.

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