Tooth Care – 5 Don’t Do’s

As part of a series of two blogs on taking care of your teeth, in this blog we’re looking at the ‘don’t do’s’ related to dental care – i.e. the things that you should avoid if you want to have good dental health. Paying attention to these now can ensure that you avoid the need for treatments such as dental implants in the future so it really is worth the effort.

1. Smoking. Smoking has all sorts of negative effects on your teeth and mouth, from discolouring your teeth so that you end up needing teeth whitening, to increasing the build up of plaque and tartar and even the risk of oral cancer.

2. Heavy drinking. Alcohol tends to leave us dehydrated and with less saliva, which can have an enormously detrimental effect on teeth, as saliva is essentially protection for your teeth from harmful acids. If you’re drinking heavily you might also have issues with acid reflux, which can erode teeth, and that ‘furry’ feeling on teeth after a night out is a sign of plaque build up.

3. Contact sports without protection. If you value your teeth then make sure you protect them if you’re going to be engaging in contact sports – with a mouthguard or something similar. Otherwise you might end up with some rather gaping holes in your teeth and the need for dental implants.

4. Neglecting your teeth. We all go the odd evening without brushing our teeth but doing this on a regular basis will lead to serious problems, from bad breath to decay. Brushing, flossing and regular checkups are all important if you want to keep your teeth in excellent condition.

5. Consuming ‘bad’ food and drink. If you’re regularly indulging in super sweet foods, fizzy drinks, starchy foods that get stuck in your teeth and tooth-cracking snacks like popcorn then you’re asking for trouble. These could lead to broken teeth, decay and erosion, which are often difficult to fix.

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