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New Years Resolutions For Your Teeth

With the New Year almost upon us it’s time for those resolutions again and, for many of us, better health, wealth and career are some of the main changes that we want to see in 2015. As well as looking at ways to be slimmer, fitter, get a better job and generally earn more, what about making better dental health one of your resolutions for next year? If this sounds appealing then here are a few ways you can make this one resolution that you don’t break:

Up your five a day. Eating is very important when it comes to dental health because what you put in your mouth affects your entire body. If your diet lacks nutrients then your immune system will suffer and you’re exposing your body to problems like gum disease. Consuming plenty of antioxidants – found in fruit, vegetables and nuts – will give your body the strength it needs to fight bacteria and inflammation. Plus, crunchy foods like raw carrots will help keep breath fresh and stop plaque from taking hold.

Give up the cigarettes. Smoking is bad for you in many ways, not just the fact that it can cause lung, throat and oral cancer and discolour your teeth. If you smoke then you’re twice as likely to lose your teeth and you’ll also increase the risk of problems like gum disease, cavities and gum recession. If you give up tobacco (including the chewing kind) then your risks immediately start to decrease.

Cap your alcohol consumption. Dental authorities have no qualms about telling us that those who drink too much are going to suffer many of the same issues as smokers (and if you’re doing both then you’re doubling potential problems). Increased gum recession (periodontal pocketing) is one of the most unattractive consequences for your teeth of drinking too much. Plus there are many studies that indicate smokers who also drink a lot simply don’t take care of basic oral health, such as brushing and flossing, in the same way as non-smokers who drink less.

Have a routine. Brushing and flossing are the daily basics that you need in order to stop your teeth decaying and to protect your mouth from gum disease (caused by plaque). Both are equally important but only the flossing can remove the plaque so be sure to do both to give yourself the best chance of fantastic dental health. If you don’t brush and floss properly then you could end up with gingivitis, which is where bleeding gums worsen into severely red and swollen bleeding gums and then, later, gum disease.

Remember that the state of your mouth can also affect the health of the rest of your body so good dental health really is important.

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