The Things Your Teeth Are Trying To Tell You

We don’t often pay much attention to our mouths, until we find ourselves in pain or discomfort. There are many things that can affect our teeth and gums and it is worth being aware of what is causing them. Maintaining good oral hygiene and seeing your dentist for regular check-ups is the best way to prevent any severe or lasting damage. 

Sharp Tooth Pain

Sudden pain in one or more teeth when you bit down, could signal tooth decay or a cavity. These are the result of a certain type of bacteria that converts sugar into acid, leading to decay or holes in the teeth. The deeper the holes, the more sensitive your teeth will become – eventually leading to cavities.

If you consistently experience this sudden pain in concentrated areas, you should book an appointment with your dentist.

Tooth Ache

Dull, throbbing pain can be the result of grinding or clenching your teeth. In which case your dentist will likely suggest you try wearing a mouth guard while you sleep. If accompanied by swollen gums, it could be a symptom of a tooth with a root infection – often referred to as an abscessed tooth.

If this pain only lasts a day or two then you probably have nothing to worry about. If after a week you are still suffering then it’s time to call your dentist.

Stained or Yellow Teeth

Contrary to what some people think, discolouration of your teeth is almost certainly nothing to worry about. The stains are usually a consequence of smoking or drinking dark liquids, such as tea, coffee and red wine. Whitening toothpastes and strips or a trip to your dentist can remedy the problem. Try rinsing or brushing your teeth after smoking or consuming these liquids. In some cases, a particular type of antibiotics you were administered as a child may be the cause of brown or stripy stains. Your dentist will be able to remove these cosmetically.

Loose or Newly Crooked Teeth

As an adult, if you suddenly notice any of your teeth coming loose or appearing crooked, you should see your dentist immediately. It is likely that you may have periodontal disease that causes bone loss around your teeth and jaw. This occurs when poor dental hygiene leaves plaque to harden into tartar, which can eventually spread into gums and then the bones around your mouth.

Bleeding, Red or Swollen Gums

There are many reasons behind bleeding, redness and swelling the gums. Diligent brushing and flossing is the best way to keep things at bay and symptoms will often subside after a day or two. However, if they persist or are causing you notable pain or discomfort, ask your dentist to check you don’t have periodontal disease.

The above information is intended as a guideline. Only your dentist can determine the true cause of your problem, and give expert advice on the best way to deal with it. As with any health concern, it is always better to steer on the side of caution and seek professional help. Smile Pad provides preventative dentistry treatments in London, Bristol, Chertsey and Salisbury as well as numerous other treatments.


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