What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Teeth Whitened By Your Dentist?

As the beaming white smiles on the front of the many fashion magazines we buy prove, getting your teeth whitened is an incredibly popular procedure now, both in the UK and all over the world. We all want those beautiful bright gnashers and, as it’s such a simple process it’s no surprise that the numbers of people opting to try teeth whitening are so high. However, it’s worth pointing out that there is a difference between a tooth whitening treatment over the counter and going to a professional dentist for the treatment.

One of the main differences between having your teeth whitened by a dentist and opting for an over the counter solution is that dentist delivered treatments have immediate results. You may have tried over the counter whitening products before and waited a long time to see little, if any, improvement. Well that’s not the case with a dentist treatment as there is no non-professional whitening product that can provide the same instant and dramatic whitening effect as the treatment when done by a dentist.

Another difference is that the treatment when carried out by a dentist is much safer. There is no risk of burning any part of you, whether that’s your gums or your skin, as the whitening treatment is being carried out by a professional. You’ll also find that you’re left with less tooth sensitivity. The use of desensitising agents, as well as gels that are thicker in substance, mean that anyone who has sensitive teeth and gums will feel far less pain by going to a dentist than by using a shop bought product.

Finally, when it comes to the tooth whitening – which is after all the reason for doing this in the first place – opting for the treatment with a dentist will result in much more effective stain removal. Professional whitening can go far deeper than an over the counter option and can remove the kinds of stains that would be impenetrable to shop bought treatments. This could be stains caused by ageing – that natural yellow or grey tint that our teeth develop over time – or it could be caused by the food and drink we consume, whether that’s wine, coffee or fizzy drinks. When you opt for professional tooth whitening you’ll find that the overall effect is far more impressive, leaving you with a whiter, brighter smile.


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