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What Makes the Perfect Smile?

The appeal of a beautiful smile has had us bewitched for centuries, and thanks to the monumental developments in cosmetic dentistry, more people than ever are seeking out the path to a perfect grin. But what exactly makes a smile a good one? Or even a perfect one? Some might say it’s just a certain je ne sais quoi. Others however, are pinpointing the components that when added together can light up a room.

For starters, a smile is not just about the teeth. Everything from the shape of the lips to the size of the mouth and the definition of the cheekbones, all contribute to the end result. As Leonardo da Vinci so perceptively pointed out – it all comes down to ratio and therefore, mathematics.

A smile’s ideal width for example, is no less than half the width of the face, with both upper and lower lips falling symmetrically either side of the centre line. Top teeth are more important than bottom teeth. In fact we don’t really need to see much of the bottom teeth at all.

The size of the teeth is another deciding factor. The front teeth should of course, be the largest and the teeth either side of them gradually diminishing in size from front to back. The more in proportion this is the better. This can be addressed by undergoing treatments such as gum contouring and teeth reshaping.

Of course there is also the matter of whiteness – perhaps the most sought after cosmetic treatment out there. But even this should be approached with caution. You don’t after all want to end up with glow-in-the-dark gnashers that look completely out of place. The key is finding a shade of white that works; some say matching teeth with the whites of the eyes is a good match. You can take a look at our own teeth whitening treatments here.

Straightness of the teeth is another prominent aspect of any smile and really, the straighter the better. This is very much achievable now with so many different orthodontic treatments available. For example, Smile Pad offers a range of braces – from fixed to clear and removable. Technology has come a long way so even the most crooked of teeth can now be realigned more quickly and less painfully.

While cosmetics are one element, there is something to be said for making true the phrase “smile with your eyes”. A genuine and relaxed smile is by far the most beautiful. However research has shown that people who feel confident with their smile will show it off more effectively, and sometimes that confidence can be given a little boost with some dental treatment. Taking good care of your teeth and gums is always recommended too: a healthy smile is a happy smile.


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