Look after your teeth this Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for gifts and parties, catching up with family and friends and sharing lots of goodwill – but it’s not such a great time for your teeth! With all the treats around during the festive season it can be a seriously hazardous period for your teeth. Tins of chocolates, Christmas cake and mince pies, sugary snacks and alcoholic treats, from eggnog to mulled wine, are all a risk – plus the fact that we’re eating and drinking almost hourly at this time of year. Add all that together and it’s no surprise that we can end up with dental pain, or even need to see an emergency dentist, during the festive season. So, what can you do to make sure your teeth survive the season?

Think about what you’re eating

We see a lot of emergency dental problems at this time of year simply because people start sampling treats they would otherwise avoid. For example, extra hard toffees, nut filled chocolates and crackling can all be culprits for chipped or broken teeth that need to be dealt with.

Prevention is better than cure

Preventative dentistry can play a big part in making sure your teeth don’t end up suffering at this time of year. Before the feasting season kicks in, pay a visit to your dentist and get your teeth professionally cleaned. Get some advice on the best ways for you to minimise damage from festive foods and ask them to highlight any existing trouble spots that you can keep an eye on.

Keep up your routines

Although you might be tempted to have chocolate for breakfast, fall asleep after a glass of sherry without cleaning your teeth and forgo the flossing until after Christmas, all these things can have a seriously detrimental effect on your mouth. Make sure you stick to your routine of brushing two to three times a day and flossing regularly so that your teeth get at least their regular standard of care at this time.

Cheeseboards rule

Ending a meal with a fantastic cheeseboard isn’t just about festive indulgence – it can also help to restore the natural acid balance in your mouth and that can help prevent tooth decay. Even a single piece of cheese can have these benefits.

If you do find yourself in need of an emergency dentist over the Christmas period, Smilepad has services in London, Bristol, Chertsey and Salisbury.


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