Dental resolutions you should make!

It is that time of year to start making your resolutions for 2016, particularly when it comes to your health. However, it’s worth remembering that around 80% of us fail when it comes to following our New Year’s resolutions through to the conclusion and that’s often because we choose commitments that are too vague, too ambitious or just too unattainable. If you’re considering making some dental resolutions this year we’ve got some great suggestions that should help you stick to the promises that you make to yourself for 2016.

Brush and floss regularly

This is one resolution that you really can stick to – brushing your teeth twice a day and making sure that you floss every night before you go to sleep. You can avoid tooth decay, dental pain and gum disease this way, as brushing and flossing will remove bacterial plaque and food and help maintain a healthy smile.

Eat for healthy teeth

The food and drink you consume can have a big impact on the health of your teeth. Anything with a high sugar content will deliver more acid to your mouth, for example, and this can contribute to the bacteria that causes decay. Promise yourself you will cut back on sugary food and drinks – perhaps have one sugar free day a week.

Deal with your dental issues within two weeks

If you’ve got problems with your teeth and/or mouth, give yourself a time limit within which to get them dealt with. This could be something ongoing or you may just want to get your teeth whitened, look into dental implants or crowns to correct issues with your teeth that are affecting your confidence. 2016 is the year to sort out your smile.

Give up smoking

It’s common knowledge that smoking contributes to the discolouration of your teeth but it can also encourage gum disease, increase levels of plaque and tartar in the mouth and speed up bone loss in your jaw.

Make sure you visit your dentist regularly

Preventative dentistry is one of the most important parts of taking good care of your teeth so promise yourself that in 2016 you’ll make regular appointments for check ups and cleans. You’ll be able to stay on top of any developing problems this way and deal with issues before they get out of control. Smilepad has dental clinics in London, Bristol, Chertsey and Salisbury – contact us to book your new year check up.


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