Should You Visit Your Dentist? – The Visual Symptoms

When you experience an issue with your mouth sometimes you can be unsure as to whether you need to visit the dentist. If you notice a visible symptom such as mouth sores, swollen gums or bad breath and aren’t sure if it warrants a trip to the dentist we can help. Answer the questions below to find out if you need a dentist to take a closer look!

Visible Symptoms Flowchart

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We are pleased to inform all patients seeking dental treatment that our practices are, and will remain open to cater to all your dental needs and maintain your oral health. We are available should you need advice, urgent care, or simply wish to attend for any other dental treatment. Our practices operate under the strictest government guidance and coronavirus protocols. Your safety and the safety of your family remains our priority. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.
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