The Dos and Don’ts of Teeth Whitening

Whiter, brighter teeth are on most of our bucket lists as there’s nothing like a glowing smile that you can really be proud of. However, given the wear and tear that our teeth and mouths go through every day it’s not that easy to keep your teeth pearly white. So how do you do it?


Use teeth whitening solutions that you’re not sure about. Some options for teeth whitening can be incredibly harsh, especially those purchased over the counter. If you really want to make sure you end up with both healthy teeth and a white smile then visit your dentist to discuss your options.

Relax your oral health routines. Brushing and flossing are just as important for maintaining a healthy smile as even the best whitening treatments, so keep your daily routines up. Floss every day and brush morning and evening, without fail.

Eat foods that will stain your teeth. Coffee, red wine and chocolate can all leave unsightly stains on your teeth, as can long term smoking. Acidic foods such as citrus juices and sugary snacks can erode tooth enamel, making it easier for stains to stick.



Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Crunchy veg, such as carrots, actually help to remove stains from your teeth and are a far better snack than something sugary, which may encourage unsightly plaque to form.

Look for whitening versions of your regular oral products. Most toothpastes and many mouthwashes now offer whitening as well as many other benefits for your teeth so look out for your regular brands with extra whiteness added.

Research professional whitening treatments. There are lots of different options for teeth whitening, speak to your dentist for more information and to find out which option is going to work best for you.

Pay regular visits to your dentist. Whether you’re opting for a teeth whitening treatment or you want to maintain whiteness without it, your dentist can help keep teeth healthy and give them a quick polish for an instant upgrade.

If you’d like more information on the fast and pain free options for teeth whitening for everyone then book an appointment with your local Smile Pad dentist today. It could be the start of a new era for you and your smile. If you want more health tips, follow the previous link.



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