Top 3 Tips for Nervous Dental Patients

For most of us, a trip to the dentists represents a brief inconvenience a couple of times per year. Some people might even enjoy closing their eyes and chilling out in the dentist’s chair when they would otherwise be working. However for some people, a dental surgery is one of the scariest places on the planet. If you’re a nervous dental patient, check out these three tips for dealing with it.

Find an understanding dentist

Most dentists will have dealt with nervous dental patients at some point in their careers, but not all of them know how to put those patients at ease. A dentist who is understanding of your fears will do their best to put you at ease – whether that means explaining everything they’re doing while they’re doing it or letting you know you can stop the procedure at any time – and that can make a big difference to your anxiety.

Ask friends and family if they can recommend anyone, and always be sure to let your dentist know if you’re feeling a little nervous.

Listen to music

Your fear of the dentist probably feels a lot worse when you’re thinking about it, doesn’t it?

You need to try and distract yourself and think about other things. However, this is easier said than done, especially when you can hear the dentist talking to his assistant and the various sounds of dental equipment.

However, by sticking in some headphones and listening to some of your favourite music, you will find it much easier to slope off to your happy place while the procedure is being carried out.

Pick an early appointment

This might sound a bit obscure, but the earlier your appointment the less time you have to dwell on it. If you choose the last appointment of the day, the anxiety will be building and building to the point that you may cancel it, or at least feel a lot worse about it.

By booking your dentist appointment early you will hopefully only have a couple of hours at most to worry about it.

Here at Smilepad we pride ourselves on the compassion and understanding of our experienced dental team. To find out more about why we’re the ideal surgery for nervous dental patients, give us a call on one of the numbers at the top of the page.


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