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How Crowns Can Help Your Smile

Teeth can become damaged for a number of reasons, whether that’s because you don’t look after them well enough or for something out of your control.

Dental crowns are considered to be restorative dentistry due to their power of helping your teeth to recover from damage, while they also carry a number of aesthetic benefits too.

Here are five ways crowns can restore a perfect smile.

Hide imperfections

No matter how well you clean your teeth it’s likely that over time they will become stained from coffee, wine or even braces.

Dental crowns can be made to be the same colour as the tooth they are placed on, helping to hide those stains blight your smile. They can even cover up chips, hairline cracks or similar damage.

Protect a weak tooth

Crowns are typically made of gold (usually used for back teeth) or porcelain (used on front teeth). Gold is strong, while porcelain crowns often have metal within them to add additional strength, making both solutions ideal for protecting weak teeth.

For when a filling isn’t enough

Following tooth decay it is often repairable with a filling made from a tooth-coloured resin, but there is a limit to how much of this resin we can use at one time, and if there is not much enamel left then using a large amount of this material could just make the problem worse.

Crowns can be used to fill a large cavity and protect the tooth from further damage.

Used following a root canal

Root canal surgery is required when a tooth has become infected, and involves drilling a hole into the enamel and removing the infected pulp inside. We can’t leave an open hole as the tooth will likely become infected again, so a crown needs to be used to plug the gap while also strengthening the tooth.

Dental bridges

If you’re missing a tooth it has implications for the integrity of your jawbone as well as the aesthetics of your smile, and with this in mind it is often advised to replace missing teeth with an implant or, if your jawbone isn’t strong enough to hold an implant, a dental bridge.

A dental bridge, like an implant, is an artificial tooth made to look natural, and is usually held in place by a pair of crowns.

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