Why You Might Need Emergency Dental Work

Emergency dental work might sound quite dramatic but it can become necessary in the most every day circumstances. Our teeth are constantly in use and while some dental emergencies are the result of an accident or injury, others can occur simply as a result of a trip or fall or even just a build up of existing problems. To help you determine when you or your family might need emergency dental work here’s our handy guide.


Toothache is a very common indicator that something is wrong that might need urgent attention. Particularly if the pain is distracting you from daily tasks, making you feel generally unwell, or accompanied by a fever, you should seek emergency dental care straight away. Toothache is caused by an excess of tooth decay but it may also be a sign of an ulcer or infection.


Chips and cracks

You can damage your teeth in seconds simply by biting into a hard piece of food or eating something that causes problems with existing dental work. Old crowns or fillings can fracture or you may chip or crack a previously in tact tooth. Either way, it’s a good idea to see a dentist as soon as you can to get some temporary relief and to start fixing the problem.


A knock or a fall

Whether you’re a sports player or you just miss a step up on your way to work, it’s all too easy to damage your teeth with physical force. If your tooth has been knocked out completely, try to handle it as little as possible and get to an emergency dentist as soon as you can. The best place to keep your tooth while you await treatment is in your mouth – put it back in the socket and bite down on wet gauze or a cold teabag. Otherwise, place it in a container and cover with either milk or your saliva until you can get treatment.


An abscess

You may not be able to see a dental abscess but if you have tenderness and swelling in your gums then this could be a sign that something is lurking there. Dental pain, particularly when eating, also indicates problems that may need something like root canal treatment so make an appointment as soon as you can.


Lost filling, bridge or crown

If you can see (or feel) that old dental work has fallen out, cracked or come loose then you should make an appointment to get this seen to as soon as possible. We tend to want to ignore issues such as these but they only get worse if not taken care of.

We are pleased to inform all patients seeking dental treatment that our practices are, and will remain open to cater to all your dental needs and maintain your oral health. We are available should you need advice, urgent care, or simply wish to attend for any other dental treatment. Our practices operate under the strictest government guidance and coronavirus protocols. Your safety and the safety of your family remains our priority. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.
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