5 Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy At Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time for food, fun, gifts and family – but it’s not such a great event for your teeth. Sugary foods, extra alcohol and letting oral hygiene routines slip can all have a negative impact, leaving you with some dental problems to solve come the new year. So, we’ve prepared 5 ways to keep your teeth healthy at Christmas that you can use to help keep your teeth healthy this festive season!

1. Don’t stop brushing

Perhaps you’ve had a bit too much to eat or drink and you just want to go straight to bed. Or maybe you’re just too excited about Santa to bother with boring routines. No matter how tired or over excited you (or the kids) get, don’t let healthy oral routines go. Brush well – gently and with the brush at a 45-degree angle against your gums – and don’t skimp on brushing time. You need to brush for at least two minutes to see the benefits. Coincidentally, that’s about the same length as humming a rendition of We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

2. Choose your snacks wisely

There’s a vast amount of food at Christmas and a lot of it is filled with sugar. Whether you’re at home or at parties, keep the cakes, sweets and fizzy drinks to a minimum. Crudités and dips are a good party choice and a piece of cheese will help to neutralise the acidic effect of any wine you’re drinking.

3. Don’t use your teeth

So many dental accidents happen at Christmas with displays of bravado, such as opening bottles with teeth. Tearing open boxes, paper or packaging with your teeth can also lead to cracks and chips, bleeding gums and painful breaks. Avoid an out of hours/emergency trip to the dentist and use a bottle opener or scissors instead.

4. Eat more turkey

While there are plenty of Christmas foods that will harm your teeth, turkey isn’t one of them. Turkey contains both phosphorus and protein, which are great at fighting decay and strengthening your teeth.

5. Hydrate

It’s very easy to get dehydrated at Christmas, whether you’re having one glass of wine more than usual or you just forget to consume any H2O. If you’re not well hydrated then harmful bacteria can build up in the mouth – the first step towards tooth decay. Keep up good hydration routines with around eight glasses, or two litres, per day.


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