New Year’s resolutions for healthier teeth

A new year is upon us and that’s a great time to make some fresh decisions about oral health. 2017 could be the year that you finally get that whiter, brighter smile – or maybe it’s just a great time to get into some positive dental habits that will last a lifetime. To inspire you on your way to healthier teeth next year (and beyond) we’ve got some great ideas for new year’s resolutions for healthier teeth.

Eat less sugar

Researchers have now confirmed a direct link between the amount of sugar we consume and the degree of tooth decay that we have. So, if you want to get onto the road towards healthier teeth next year then this is a great place to start. Look out for concealed sugars in fruit, for example, and be wary of sugary drinks as these are some of the worst offenders.

Get into good routines

If you don’t already have regular check ups with your dentist and a hygienist appointment a couple of times a year then this is a good time to start. Make an appointment with your dentist for a check up and then try to go at least twice a year. Catching dental issues early can help prevent them turning into something much more serious so this is a good resolution for next year and beyond.

Stop smoking and cut back on booze

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 43,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer of the mouth, tongue or throat and 7,000 will die from these diseases. Tobacco and alcohol significantly increase the risk of these cancers, as well as increasing the chances of serious tooth decay, so it is well worth making 2017 the year that you give up smoking and cut down on alcohol. Either way, make sure you are regularly visiting your dentist as most mouth cancers are spotted by dentists first.

Have a daily schedule

Most of us find it easier if we have a regular routine that we stick to when it comes to oral health. Brush in the morning and at night, floss once a day, drink plenty of water and eat foods that will help keep your teeth healthy (for example cheese, which is high in calcium). If you can’t brush your teeth after a meal then eat something that has a scrubbing effect on your teeth, such as an apple, or chew some sugar free gum. Good habits now will keep your teeth healthy for years to come.


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