How To Make Your Smile Beautiful This Valentine’s Day

“Every smile makes you a day younger” – that’s according to a Chinese proverb, and there’s no doubt that a beaming smile makes all of us look younger and more attractive. Whether you’re single or coupled up, set your smile free this Valentine’s Day and who knows what kind of romance could occur as a result.

 Boost your oral hygiene

Sometimes the most basic steps, repeated on a daily basis, can make the biggest difference to the overall results. Simply making sure that your basic oral hygiene is up to scratch will give you a much brighter smile. Brush twice a day and floss at night, as well as using a mouthwash to help sweep away the bacteria that can cause decay. Not only will your teeth look nicer but your breath will be fresher too – essential if there’s likely to be a Valentine’s Day smooch.


Treat yourself to some teeth whitening

Whiter teeth instantly boost confidence, which is a very attractive quality for a Valentine’s Day date. There are a range of different teeth whitening options available, from those that you can use over a couple of weeks or a month, to power whitening treatments like ZOOM! that are effective in only an hour. Choose the option that works with your budget and time, and enjoy a more glamorous and confident Valentine’s Day this year.


Invest in veneers

The benefit of veneers is that they can correct almost any cosmetic dentistry issue, making them the perfect choice for a gorgeous smile just in time for Valentine’s Day. Veneers are custom made for you and then bonded to the front surface of the teeth, covering any aesthetic problems and resulting in a much straighter, whiter smile. Among the issues that veneers can help to correct are chipped or damaged teeth, misaligned teeth, stained teeth and problems with gapping. Simple and easy to fit, veneers are a very effective option for a more beautiful smile.


Eat for a great smile

As well as the way that we treat our teeth, what we put in our mouths also has a big impact on the quality of the smile. Some food and drink can cause discolouration, while others are a quick route to the kind of decay that results in unsightly gaps. If you want to make sure that what you consume is working for – not against – your smile then avoid sugary foods, limit red wine, coffee tea and fizzy drinks, eat plenty of fresh vegetables and make sure you are always well hydrated.


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