Dental Implants

Why are Dental Implants Important?

The combination of advances in technology and a greater desire for a perfect smile have made dental implants more and more popular in recent years. However, while dental implants contribute substantially to aesthetics that’s not the only reason why they’re important.

Restoring mouth functions


Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew properly and an implant solves this problem. This type of restorative dentistry also has an advantage over dentures, for example, as dental implants behave just like a tooth so there is no danger of being unable to bite or food getting stuck underneath.


Avoiding bone loss


When a tooth is removed or extracted, if the gap is left then, over time, the bone surrounding the gap may start to disappear. This is called ‘bone resorption’ and is something that many dentures patients often notice when dentures start to become loose. Dental implants help to avoid this situation by filling the gap with the replacement root and tooth.


The aesthetic appeal


Dental implants score highly when it comes to aesthetic appeal, as they are designed to look just like teeth. Not only are they more appealing than gaps in teeth but they are often better than many of the other options for dealing with tooth loss. This can have a huge impact on self-confidence and the ability to smile and chat.


The comfort factor


Dental implants certainly look better but there is no sacrifice of comfort to aesthetics either. There is no impact on chewing, speaking or eating, for example, as the implant feels just like a normal tooth.


Saving your dental health


As well as the bone loss that can result from ongoing gaps in your teeth, missing teeth can also affect other areas of dental health. For example, gaps become a goldmine of bacteria which can threaten the future of your other teeth and digestive problems can result from food not properly chewed. If other teeth start to move as a result of the gap this can trigger toothache, headaches and neck ache.


Dental implants work


There’s plenty of evidence to show that dental implants are one of the best options for tooth restoration, lasting longer than other solutions that use existing teeth, and creating less risk of loss or complications. The advances in technology have created safer procedures for dental implants that are easier to carry out and which now have much lower risks. When it comes to dealing with lost or extracted teeth dental implants are an important step.


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    My teeth are really bad and need remove ing how much is a new set of implants

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