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Can Dentures Look Real? Here Are Your Options

Dentures are a great solution for correcting any dental health issues you might have with missing teeth or a crooked smile. They can have a truly transformative impact on self confidence and the way you eat and talk. The best dentures will look and feel almost as if they were your own teeth. But what does it take to make dentures look natural?

What are dentures?


Dentures are fixed or removable false teeth that are often recommended where there has been tooth loss or damage. Dentures can be fixed to existing teeth as a bridge or they can be removable, depending on what the teeth in your mouth can support. They may be a full set or just a partial denture replacing a smaller number of teeth.


What makes dentures look real?


The teeth should be natural – the teeth affixed to your dentures need to be the right size – height and width – so that they look as natural as possible. Well made dentures will also mimic the colour of your existing teeth so that they blend in easily. Although it might seem preferable to have bright white teeth in your dentures, if the rest of your teeth aren’t the same shade then the dentures can stand out and look fake.


The plate should fit – there are many options now for creating the denture plate to make it look natural and matched as close to gum tissue as possible. Aesthetics are, of course, important, but so too is the fit. Dentures that slip, click or move while you are eating or talking will instantly give an unnatural impression so key to dentures that look real is a denture plate that has been properly contoured to your mouth.


Each set of dentures is different – no two sets of dentures should look alike, as individuality is the best way to ensure dentures that look real and have a high quality feel. There are many ways in which dentures can be crafted with a natural look in mind, including ensuring that teeth are curved and even slightly flawed, as opposed to straight and boxy as if they belong to a Cheshire Cat. Your dentist will be able to talk you through the options.


Denture care – another factor in whether dentures look real is how well they are looked after. Like natural teeth, dentures can become damaged and discoloured if they are not properly cared for. So, if you want them to look natural for as long as possible, remove and rinse after eating and leave to soak every night.


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