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Christmas Dental Tips – Keeping Your Teeth Healthy!

Dental health is important all year round but it’s often at Christmas that it’s most under attack. Increased alcohol consumption, more sweets and chocolate and falling asleep in front of the TV can all lead to tooth damage that could end up being long term. So, how do you ensure that you keep your teeth healthy during the festive season this year?

Don’t slack on your oral routine


Especially if you have kids it’s really important to set a good example and keep up with your daily oral routine. Maybe you’ve been to Christmas parties, or everyone is distracted by all the presents and food – just take five minutes to brush and floss and you’ll maintain good dental health into the new year.


Consider the foods you eat


The cheeseboard is one of the great Christmas traditions in many homes – and it’s a good one to continue! Cheese is actually really good for teeth, returning the acid balance in your mouth to natural levels, which can help to reduce the development of tooth decay. The same can not be said for mince pies, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding. These are some of the worst foods for dental health at Christmas because they are sticky and full of sugar. Enjoy in moderation – and then clean your teeth afterwards.


Drink plenty of water


Staying hydrated during the Christmas season is important for your body and for your teeth. Saliva can help to keep bacteria in your mouth at a safe level and being well hydrated is important for saliva production. Water is also a much better alternative to many of the other drinks we tend to consume at this time of year, such as sugar packed fizzy drinks or alcohol. Remember that red wine will stain teeth – even if it is mulled and tasty – and that even fruit juices such as cranberry can be very acidic so should be enjoyed in moderation.


Your teeth are not a tool


Be wary of using your teeth to open anything, whether it’s the cap on a beer bottle or gift wrapping. This is a prime time of year for teeth to get chipped and damaged due to reckless behaviour as a result of a little too much festive spirit.


Enjoy yourself without overindulging


We all have a tendency to overdo it at Christmas but that can result in discomfort and damage – to teeth and other parts of the body. Enjoy everything in moderation this Christmas season so that you can go into the new year feeling fresh and fit and without any dental health issues to deal with.

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