How The New Mini/Midi Implant Dental Technology Can Help Your Smile

Dental technology is continuously evolving to find better solutions to age old problems, such as tooth damage or loss. The mini/midi dental implant is a prime example of this – an option for those who might not want, or be eligible for, the traditional dental implant. If you have issues with your smile then the new mini/midi dental implant could be a great way to solve them.

What is the new mini/midi dental implant?


These new implants use the same technology as a traditional dental implant but are smaller in size. Implants are often used as a solution for missing teeth. They are more comfortable and more permanent because they are fixed to the jawbone and so won’t move around when there is activity in the mouth, such as talking, eating or chewing. Many people prefer dental implants to dentures because of this element of security.


What’s the difference between a mini/midi dental implant and a traditional implant?


There are two key advantages to the new dental technology that are likely to make it attractive to someone with issues such as missing teeth. The first is that you may not have enough healthy bone in your jaw for a traditional implant. If that’s the case then you could still be a good candidate for a mini/midi dental implant. The second benefit of a mini/midi dental implant is that the procedure involved in fitting it is much less invasive. There is no in-depth surgery of the gum or extensive drilling of the bone, which is part of the process for regular dental implants. Plus, as there are no stitches involved, the healing process is very fast.


How can mini/midi dental implants help your smile?


  • This type of implant can support most types of replacement teeth so it doesn’t matter where in the mouth the replacement is required, the implant will still be suitable
  • There is very little waiting time involved in the process of mini/midi dental implants so you’ll be able to fix your smile straight away
  • Mini/midi implants require fewer visits to the dentist so the process is completed more quickly
  • Once the implants are in place they need very little maintenance and upkeep – other than what you would usually do for your regular teeth
  • If your confidence has suffered because of gaps in your teeth then mini/midi dental implants can help to restore your happiness in your smile


  1. Reply
    CHRISTINE Hutcheon

    I am looking to replace top front 2 teeth
    I have had a consultation for regular implant and appear to be a suitable candidate, however as they are expensive I have looked into having treatment in Budapest, but a friend suggested I look at the new Midi implants with a greater surface area than the mini as an alternative? Not many dentists offer this where I am based in Lancashire is this something you offer at your practice please ? Kind Regards Chris

    • Reply

      Hi Christine Hutcheon,
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      Please go to and find the nearest practice to you, give them a call or an email and they can arrange a consultation for you.

      Kind regards SmilePad Team.

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