Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry – What Are My Options?

Cosmetic dentistry is not just available to celebrities and the uber rich. No matter what the issue you have with your teeth, whether it’s staining or gaps, there are plenty of options when it comes to affordable cosmetic dentistry.

Dental crowns

You might want to consider dental crowns if you have poor bite alignment, decay or chips and cracks in your teeth. Dental crowns help to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and can also play a part in making the structure of your teeth and jaw stronger. The process of fitting dental crowns is fairly straightforward and can be completed within two or three weeks.


Tooth whitening

The colour of teeth can be one of the most significant factors in how we feel about our own smile. Staining and discolouration have a big impact on confidence and may even affect the way we interact socially. Correcting this issue is affordable with cosmetic dentistry – and much more effective than purchasing over the counter tooth whitening, which can be damaging and harsh. Professional tooth whitening is designed to remove more discolouration and can help to keep teeth whiter for longer.


Tooth contouring

If you’ve got minor issues with your teeth, such as ridges, chips or awkwardly shaped teeth then tooth contouring provides a very affordable solution. This simple and painless procedure involves the dentist working with a laser or a drill to improve the contours of the teeth. It’s fast, easy and has an impressive and noticeable effect.


Composite dental bonding

If you have problems with weak teeth, you have gaps in your teeth or issues with tooth structure then composite dental bonding is a fast and affordable correction option. It involves using tooth-coloured resin, which is applied to an existing tooth, formed into the right shape and then set with ultraviolet light. It’s a process that is particularly useful for chipped or cracked teeth.


Inlays and onlays

If you don’t want to have porcelain veneers and you’re not willing to pay out for the cost of implants or bridges then inlays and onlays provide a very workable and affordable alternative. Tooth-coloured material is applied to teeth to help to reinforce them and repair imperfections. As inlays and onlays are custom fitted to the teeth they are an effective option where the problem requires a bespoke solution.


A retainer

The cost of a retainer plus braces can be prohibitive for many people. However, if you have just small gaps or spaces between your teeth you may not need braces at all. If that’s the case then a retainer can be used for correction – a much more affordable alternative.


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