When is CEREC® appropriate?

CEREC® is designed to help restore damaged teeth and to do this with just a single visit to the dentist. It’s faster, more effective and generally considered a better option than traditional crowns and fillings. So what does CEREC® involve and when is it appropriate?

What is CEREC®?

It is a technology that is being used to restore teeth and uses high grade ceramic material that is much more compatible with the natural components of your mouth. There is no metal involved in the process of using CEREC®. Instead, a photo is taken of the problem area using special technology and then a ceramic restoration is created and bonded to the tooth.

What are the advantages of using CEREC®?

The process requires less time than traditional crowns. You might need a couple of appointments to get traditional crowns fitted and the process tends to involve taking impressions. CEREC® is far simpler and can be completed in just one visit. This means less time away from work and less inconvenience for you, your friends or family.

CEREC® is long lasting and durable. Other methods of installing crowns have tended to involve layering and pressing and there can be issues with this in terms of longevity. With CEREC®, a milled ceramic is used specifically for the purpose of ensuring that the work not only looks great but lasts a long time too.

Advanced aesthetics. It’s no longer the case that tooth restoration needs to be obvious to anyone who sees you smile thanks to the wealth of advanced aesthetics in a technology like CEREC®. Tooth coloured ceramic is used, which is a natural fit for the rest of your mouth, and can be closely matched to your existing teeth in terms of shade and structure.

CEREC® can be used straight away. You don’t need to go through the process of fitting a temporary crown with CEREC®. Temporary crowns can be very uncomfortable and cause a lot of discomfort.

When can you use CEREC®?

There are many innovative ways in which CEREC® is being used but there are two key situations in which it’s appropriate to turn to CEREC®:

  • Crowns. CEREC® crowns are very strong and can be created much more quickly than traditional crowns.
  • Fillings. The advantage of using CEREC® – which is made out of porcelain –  for fillings this is a stronger material than white composite so it will last much longer than other filling types.


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