How To Choose The Right Dentist

Your dentist is essentially the person to whom you hand responsibility for your oral health. We only get one set of adult teeth so they need to be well looked after, which makes choosing the right dentist an important task. If you’re a nervous patient, or you’re looking for specific treatment, then this choice could be even more crucial. So how do you make sure that you get it right?

What to look for to find the ideal dentist

  • Registrations and qualifications. Dentists in the UK must be registered with the General Dental Council, as this is the body that provides support and regulation. As well as checking the registration you can also look at the qualifications the potential dentist has – a Bachelor of Dental Surgery is the most basic qualification but your dentist may also have acquired certifications for specialist services.
  • Technology savvy. Dental technology has developed significantly in recent times and the more savvy your dentist is when it comes to adopting new technology, the more they are likely to be able to do for you and the more painless it will be.
  • A clean and welcoming space. It’s often worth paying a visit to a dentist you’re considering registering with just to see what it feels like inside. A clean and tidy waiting room with welcoming staff is a good sign that the practice is well organised and values its patients.
  • Convenience and location. It’s always easier to have a dentist who is close to either where you work or where you live. That way, check ups and procedures can be carried out without too much disruption to your schedule. Having said that, if you don’t like the closest dentist to you then it may be better to travel to guarantee a higher quality experience.
  • A range of services. It’s inconvenient to have to change dentists because they don’t have the latest technology or there are no orthodontists within the practice. So, before you register with a new dentist review the range of services on offer, as well as the prices they charge. Are they likely to cater for your needs, now and in the future, as well as your budget?
  • The right fit for you. Look at reviews and testimonials and read the dentist’s website to see what others say and how the practice presents itself. If you’re a nervous patient, for example, it’s worth looking to see if the website has any advice for nervous patients, as this will indicate that this dentist is used to that.


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