Why choose Invisalign

Innovative and clinically proven to be effective, Invisalign is a tried and tested way to transform a smile. These near-invisible aligners are designed to make it simple to correct issues, such as an open bite, gapped teeth or a cross bite, with minimum disruption. They are not only effective but have a number of lifestyle benefits too, for example, they are easily removable. If you’re considering choosing Invisalign then there are some very good reasons to go for it.

Reason 1 – Predictable and planed out treatment

Invisalign provides a predictable schedule of treatment that is planned out when you first decide to use it. So, you’ll know how long the treatment will last for and how long it’s going to take to achieve your progress goals.

Reason 2 –  Comfort

Traditional metal braces are attached to the teeth and can cause a lot of discomfort. To be effective, they must remain attached to the teeth for the entire period of treatment. Invisalign allows for brief removal at any time, such as when eating or drinking or for key social events. Wearer comfort is maximised by convenience combined with design.

Reason 3 – Appearance

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible. They are effective without being too obvious, in direct contrast to traditional braces, which stand out as chunks of metal attached to the teeth. Even the most confident people can find they struggle with the attention that traditional braces tend to attract. Invisalign aligners have a much more subtle appearance and are barely noticeable in any light.

Reason 4 – Speed and ease of the treatment

Invisalign represents advanced dental technology that is designed to correct issues within the shortest possible period of time. With traditional metal braces, a patient may have to wear them for up to five years in order to get the desired results. The Invisalign system can take just a year to 18 months. Plus, Invisalign is a very simple system that doesn’t involve any complex treatments. A series of aligners are used, changed every couple of weeks to help implement the planned corrections.

Reason 5 – Compared to traditional

Although traditional braces may sometimes be necessary where there is a particularly complex problem or issue that needs to be fixed, the Invisalign system will be effective in the majority of cases. It has a number of key advantages over traditional options, including:

  • Shorter treatment time
  • Easier to clean and maintain oral hygiene
  • No restrictions on eating or other activities
  • Easily removable at any time
  • More comfortable to wear
  • Easier to use
  • Discrete and subtle

Reason 5 – Compared to Inman Aligners why you should choose them

It’s not just when compared to traditional braces that Invisalign excels but also in contrast to Inman Aligners too. For example, Invisalign can be used to correct a wide range of issues whereas Inman Aligners are only suitable for mild orthodontic issues, such as light overcrowding. Also, while Invisalign is a completely clear aligner, the Inman system uses a visible wire across the front teeth. Inman Aligners can also be less comfortable to wear.

Reason 6 – Freedom and convenience

Invisalign has been designed for modern lifestyles, to provide flexibility and freedom while also being highly effective. If you need to remove them for a meeting, to eat, to socialise or to workout then this is easy to do at your convenience and to suit your own lifestyle.

Reason 7 – They can help with a number of problems

Invisalign is a versatile system that can correct a wide range of issues, including:

  • Gapping – if gaps between teeth aren’t closed, gum problems and periodontal disease can be common
  • Cross bite – if not corrected this can wear down teeth and the jaw
  • Open bite – it can be difficult to chew food and to speak with an open bite
  • Underbite – underbites can cause pain and make normal mouth function difficult

These are just some of the reasons why Invisalign is a great option and could be the ideal choice for you.


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