Orthodontics aren’t just for teenagers

When you think of braces the image that probably springs to mind is an awkward looking teenager with metal braces on their teeth, but times they are a-changing. Thanks in part to social media and reality TV programmes adults are now increasingly likely to seek out a straighter and whiter smile than ever before. In fact, according to recent statistics from The British Orthodontic Society, 80% of private orthodontic treatments carried out are for patients aged between 26 and 55.

Why the increase?

In short, this is probably all down to the increase in people looking to achieve the Hollywood smile. With a huge focus on celebrity culture more and more of us are looking to improve our personal health, wellbeing and appearance. Reality TV shows and social media have also helped to reinforce an image of perfect teeth making more adults turn to cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the look of their smile and emulate their favourite celebrities.

Appearance of braces

One of the biggest changes in orthodontics is that patients are no longer limited to traditional train track style metal braces. In fact, modern alternatives such as those made by Invisalign are practically invisible. This means that they can be worn during the day without anyone noticing. And, it’s not just vanity that is making modern orthodontics more popular.

Comfort levels

Comfort is another reason why teeth straightening is now becoming a popular choice with adults. Those who have been plagued with crooked teeth are now able to get modern orthodontics such as the Invisalign braces which are comfortable to wear. With no wires or metal plates bonded to your teeth, the Invisalign braces are also non-invasive which further helps to add to their comfort.

Speed of treatment

Another benefit of modern orthodontics is the speed of treatment. While you may remember childhood braces taking years to correct crooked teeth, methods such as Inman Aligners can achieve great results in just 6 to 18 weeks. The speed, comfort and appearance of orthodontics are all reasons why teeth straightening is one of the most common cosmetic procedures chosen by adults.

Visualised treatment plan

Modern technology also allows for 3D scanning of your teeth to create a visual picture of how your teeth will look following treatment. As well as results the software will also help dentists to predict the time that your treatment will take and how many appointments will be needed to get the desired results. As we said, dentistry has come on a long way in modern times and orthodontics is just one area where this is very obvious to patients.

Treatment options

There are many different treatment options when it comes to orthodontics, but the available options are largely dependent on the level of correction needed. This is something that your dentist will be able to discuss with you and work out a suitable treatment plan based on what you are looking to achieve. Orthodontics can also be combined with other cosmetic dental treatments to help you create the perfect smile.

Some common types of orthodontics available include:

Clear aligners – Invisalign is the best known clear and removable aligner and is extremely popular including with celebrities such as Justin Bieber. They are easy to clean, almost invisible and comfortable to wear.

Metal braces – While the principles remain the same modern metal braces are much smaller than traditional braces. They can also be customised with coloured bands to make a statement while helping you get straighter teeth.

Ceramic braces – Like there metal counterparts, ceramic braces have the same power as traditional metal braces but thanks to their colour are much less noticeable.

Lingual brackets – Placed on the back of your teeth, lingual brackets will help pull your teeth into position while offering a discrete solution.

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