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Sugary snacks that you should definitely avoid

We all know that sugar is bad for us and that we should try to cut down as much as possible, but it can temptation can sometimes get the better of us. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the sugary snacks that you should definitely avoid if you want to minimise your sugar intake and keep it in line with the World Health Organisation guidelines. And, while some of the items on this list are obvious, you may be surprised by others.

Dessert and cake mixes

You might think that these are simply a way to save time and get a great tasting dessert with very little effort, but instant mixes contain a very high amount of sugar. Some brands contain up to 90g of sugar per 100g mix, which will see you blow your daily sugar intake in a single hit.

Ice cream

From Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough to Haagen Dazs Chocolate Caramel Tub, ice cream contains a high helping of sugar to keep you coming back for more. 2 small scoops can easily contain 50 grams of sugar per serving so this should definitely be kept as a treat, rather than a regular option. Like dessert and cake mixes it’s important to check the nutritional label to see just how much sugar is contained in these products.


Another obvious sugary snack are cakes as most of these contain an unbelievable amount of sugar. If you do have a thing for cakes, and we wouldn’t blame you, try to make your own using sugar-free or low-sugar recipes as this will give you a better understanding of exactly what your cakes contain.

Low-fat yoghurt

Often one of the first things we do when it comes to trying to lose weight is to swap out traditional products for their low-fat alternatives, but this could be doing a whole lot more harm than good. Low-fat yoghurts are just one example of products that are packed full of sugar to make them taste nicer.


It’s not all bad news when it comes to chocolate. While milk and white chocolate are high in sugar, dark chocolate is much lower in sugar and has the same mood-boosting effect as its milk-based alternative. Drinking water straight after eating chocolate can also help to rinse away the sugar from your teeth helping to limit any damage.

Dried and tinned fruit

You may think that a handful of dried fruits is a great option as an alternative to chocolate, but while fresh fruit contains plenty of nutritional benefits dried fruit has a high concentration of sugar. A handful of raisins, currants or dates can easily contain 90g of sugar which is around twice your daily recommended intake. Tinned fruit in juice or syrup contains lots of added sugar and should be avoided where possible.

Cereal bars

Are you prone to grabbing a cereal bar as a quick snack or alternative to having breakfast at home? Well, cereal, granola and other so-called healthy snacks are usually full of dried fruit, honey and other sweeteners which could be pushing you over your daily sugar intake before the day has even started.

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