How Long Do Veneers Last? What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a quick answer to the question how long do veneers last, then research states that it’s reasonably expected for dental veneers to last for at least 10 years and more than likely, longer. However, their longevity often boils down to several factors, namely how well they are cared for and their placement or position in the mouth.

What exactly are dental veneers?

Often referred to as porcelain veneers they comprise of wafer-thin covers made from dental porcelain that are secured (bonded) to the front surface of an individual tooth. Typically, they are custom made for each individual and are designed to cover up a multitude of sins. In fact, once fitted, porcelain veneers can change the size, shape, colour and spacing of your natural teeth. The result should be a beautiful natural-looking smile.

So how long do veneers last and what influences their longevity?

As far as cosmetic dentistry goes, dental veneers offer a near-instant solution which should last for at least 10 years. But damage can occur easily if the wearer isn’t careful. While dental porcelain is typically used because of its durable qualities, it isn’t tooth enamel. As a result, porcelain veneers can easily fall foul of misuse and mistreatment. So, avoid biting down excessively on hard foods, ice cubes and chewing indelible items such as pen tops.

Top tips to making dental veneers last

When it comes to cosmetic dental veneers, there is little you can do to make them last longer than their assumed lifespan. However, you should know that this lifespan can be significantly shortened if you don’t take proper care of them. Here are some top tips to help get the best out of your cosmetic veneers.

Brush and floss regularly

While dental veneers themselves won’t decay the supporting tooth and gums can. If teeth aren’t cared for properly you should know that cavities can and will form behind the veneer. When this happens, it can threaten the long-term lifespan of a veneer and ultimately, the tooth behind it. For this reason, proper and regular brushing and flossing are vital.

Stay protected

If you play any form of contact sport, it’s worth investing in a quality mouthguard. Veneers can easily chip and break on contact or impact with a hard item or body part so it pays to stay protected.

Address bruxism problems

If you know that you grind your teeth then it’s advisable to talk to your dentist before you decide to get veneers. Teeth grinding can have a serious impact on how long veneers last. A custom mouthguard worn over the teeth at night can help your dental laminates to last longer.

To find out more about dental veneers and how they can help to transform your smile, visit our porcelain veneers treatment page and book an appointment with one of our friendly dentists to discuss your options.

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