7 things you might not know about your teeth

Your teeth are amazing and in the modern world, thanks to advances in dentistry your teeth will last your entire life with the proper care. Our teeth are an essential part of our bodies as without them we wouldn’t be able to eat, smile or talk to people. And, while many of us know how to take care of our teeth there are plenty of things we don’t know about them. In this blog, we’ll look at 7 fun facts about our teeth that you might not know.

We’re born with 20 baby teeth

It’s amazing to think that every new born baby has a full set of teeth in their mouths when they are born. These teeth are hidden under the gumline and as your baby grows their teeth will start to emerge. The first tooth normally emerges between the age of 6 months and a year with teething lasting longer for the first couple of teeth compared to later teeth.

Teeth can grow in different ways

Tooth development is a complex process as our adult teeth start to replace our baby teeth. From the age of six our baby teeth start to fall out to be replaced by our adult teeth. During this development our teeth can grow in the wrong direction, become impacted or come out an angle, this is why it’s so important for children to have regular dental check-ups.

A third of every tooth is hidden

Just like an iceberg is below the surface the same is true with our teeth. Only the top two thirds of our teeth is visible, the remaining third is hidden by the gums. This means that the health of our gums is just as important as the rest of the mouth as damage to the gums can result in damage to your teeth.

Teeth are the hardest surface in the body

Your teeth are made up of minerals which make them the hardest substance in the body. The outer coating of the teeth, which is known as enamel, is the only part of the human body which can’t repair itself. The only way to repair damage to your teeth’s enamel is for your dentist to create a filling or cover your tooth with a crown.

Your teeth can tell a story

From your age and your genetics to the quality of your diet, your teeth can tell a story about you. Teeth are often used to help determine the age of a person when their bones are found and to give clues about their life. As well as providing indications about a persons age and diet they can also give hints about their general health.

Humans have a minimum of 32 permanent teeth

All humans have 32 adult teeth that are waiting to take the place of their baby teeth. Some people also have an extra set of molars which are known as wisdom teeth giving them a total of 34 teeth. Many people’s mouths aren’t big enough for wisdom teeth and so it is common to have these surgically removed. They can also cause problems by impacting other teeth or coming in sideways.

Every tooth is different

Each of our teeth is completely unique, all 52 teeth are different with each one having it’s own unique characteristics. This is what makes dental records such a powerful form of identification as your teeth are as individual as you are.

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