What are the different types of dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth, used as a solution to fill the gaps when natural teeth are missing. Dentures, also called ‘false’ teeth, come in a range of different types, but are generally classified as full or partial. In this blog we’ll look at the different types of dentures and which ones are right for you.

As with other dental technology, dentures have undergone several innovations, particularly in the last few years.  This has meant improvements in the way dentures sit in the mouth, how they feel and look, and how well they perform when eating and talking.

Reasons why dentures can be needed

There are a number of reasons why it’s important that lost or missing teeth are replaced.

  • Being able to chew and eat properly. Teeth fill a primary purpose of softening food so it can be swallowed. When teeth are missing there are a number of limitations to the types of food that you can eat.
  • As supportive structures around the surrounding teeth and to conserve remaining natural teeth.
  • Supporting other dentures.
  • To transfer biting forces onto remaining teeth, rather than the gums.
  • Appearance – our self-esteem is strongly linked with how we look and smile.

Important factors when deciding which dentures are right for you

When deciding which dentures are right for you make sure you consult your dentist as they know your history and what options will be the best for you. Your dentist will also give you options about how different dentures will look and feel.

Types of dentures

Full or complete dentures – rest on the gums and replace all the missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Sometimes people are not able to retain any of their natural teeth, so need a full set of dentures. Full dentures are completely custom made to help ensure they are a perfect fit for your gums and jaw.

A partial denture – replaces some teeth and uses securing clasps to attach the denture to existing teeth.

An implant-retained denture is designed to replace one or more teeth and is secured to the jaw through implants. These types of dentures provide a secure and firm fit making them a great choice for replacing missing teeth on the lower jaw.

What are dentures made of?

Acrylic  – full or complete dentures are often made from acrylic which provides good suction and fit.

Metal & acrylic metal dentures are a great option for partial dentures as they provide a good mix of stability and retention.

Your dentist will work with you to identify which material is the most suitable for your based on your oral health and unique situation.

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