6 ways to teach your children good oral hygiene

If you want your children to have white sparkling teeth when they are older then you need to make sure they develop a good oral hygiene routine. In this blog, we’ll look at 5 ways you can ensure your children love brushing their teeth and keeping their mouth healthy.

Show them how it’s done

Children are great mimics and will often want to copy everything you do, so make sure they can see you clean your teeth and floss every day. While you brush and floss, make this task seem as enjoyable as possible, letting them know how good it feels to have clean teeth afterwards.

Choose a song for brushing your teeth to

For young kids why not try picking a fun song that lasts for roughly two minutes. You can both dance around while brushing your teeth to help make it seem much more fun and enjoyable. You could even create your very own little dance routine, just remember to make sure they are brushing their teeth properly.

Turn it into a game

An easy way to get a child interested in toothbrushing is to turn it into a game. You could help them clean their favourite stuffed animals or doll’s teeth while you brush their teeth. Children often find brushing an adult’s teeth fun, and you can guide their hands while they do it to ensure each tooth is cleaned properly. When a child has fun cleaning teeth, it turns into a positive experience and is easier to turn into a lifelong habit.

Offer rewards

If your child has difficulty cleaning their teeth regularly, offer them an incentive. You might want to start a sticker scheme where they can collect a certain number of stickers before receiving a treat. Decide on the treat between you, whether that’s a favourite bedtime story or a family outing, or something else they can look forward to enjoying. It’s best to avoid offering food as a reward, especially sugary treats.

Book regular visits to the dentist

Get your children used to visiting the dentist from an early age to help them stop them from becoming afraid of a visit. Show them how it is part of normal life and that the dentist is there to make sure that their teeth are kept healthy.

Choose a family-friendly dentist

Last but not least, choose a family-friendly dentist you can trust to care for everyone’s teeth. At Smile Pad we cater for patients of all ages but love seeing children in the practice. We encourage parents to bring their children in shortly after their first tooth emerges to help get them comfortable visiting the dentist, sitting in the dental chair and being the centre of attention.

We’ll start building a positive relationship with them so that when they get old enough they’ll be happy to let us show them how best to care for their teeth and the advantages of a healthy oral routine.

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