Fear of Dentists – Things You Should Know

Up to one in four people in the UK fear a trip to the dentist to some extent. This blog aims to offer some useful advice on how to deal with this issue for both adults and children, and relate some aspects of modern dental care that should hopefully offer some further reassurance.

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man with dental pain

Protecting Teeth From Sports Injuries

Sports injuries to teeth are common, particularly when taking part in the kinds of sports that involve a large amount of physical contact or hard objects, such as a ball. The most common sports where we tend to see mouth injuries are rugby, boxing, martial arts, mountain biking, volleyball, cricket, football, hockey and basketball. Common injuries include damage to dental arches, cracks, fractures and chips to teeth and teeth being knocked out of the mouth completely, and a simple impression will allow a bespoke mouth guard to be manufactured to a superb fit and comfort

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