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The 5 stages of tooth decay

Tooth decay occurs in several stages, spanning from initial demineralisation to painful dental abscesses. Between cavities, abscesses or even total tooth loss, the tooth decay process is caused by the presence of bacteria that live in dental plaque. Read on for more information about each of the stages of tooth decay, and some helpful tips on how to prevent this painful and uncomfortable process from happening to you.

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Is vaping bad for your teeth?

Ever since e-cigarettes were introduced onto the market there has been an uptick in people quitting regular cigarettes and switching to the supposedly healthier alternative of electronic cigarettes. And, while some of the benefits may appear obvious, the question remains, is vaping bad for your teeth and oral health? In this blog, we’ll get to the bottom of this debate and find out if you’d be better off quitting vaping altogether.

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The importance of dairy for improving oral health

We’re told from a young age that its important to drink plenty of milk and include dairy in our diet to help strengthen our bones and teeth, but just how much truth is in these claims. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the benefits of dairy when it comes to oral health as well as some viable alternatives for those who can’t or don’t want to consume dairy products.

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Dental Care Tips for Your Child During COVID-19

It’s all over the news. COVID-19 has shut down businesses, government services, and travel just to name a few. But it doesn’t have to shut down your child’s dental health. We’ve come up with a short list of valuable insights into how to keep your child’s dental health in check during COVID-19. If you have any questions about preserving those perfect smiles during the epidemic, contact us today.

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teeth whitening

Teeth staining – What causes it and how easy is it to get rid of

While it may be no secret that celebrities use teeth whitening to create their perfect smiles, you may be wondering how you can prevent your teeth becoming stained in the first place. In this blog, we cover the common causes of teeth staining and what you can do to help prevent them. We’ll also look at some of the best options for getting whiter teeth and the ones you should avoid.

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What your tongue says about your health

From sticking out your tongue as a child to enjoying the taste of exotic foods and drinks as adults, our tongues play a key role in our mouth, but just how much attention do you give yours’? Your tongue often has a lot to say about your oral health and can act as a warning sign to general health problems. In this blog, we’ll look at how you can use your tongue to gauge any dental or health issues that you may not have been aware of.

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Advice for patients during COVID-19

Routine dentistry during COVID-19 requires the correct social distancing measures and personal protective equipment to be in place.

Dental practices are open

In the first national lockdown, dental practices closed (or as good as) for around 12 weeks. However, during this second national lockdown, practices remain open.

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Lunchbox choices that won’t harm your teeth

Whether you are looking to create a healthy lunchbox for your children to take to school or want to ditch the shop bought meal deals for a healthier alternative this blog will help. We’ll take a look at some of the best healthy options to make your lunches a little less boring and a whole lot better for your teeth. As well as telling you what you should be including in your lunchbox, we’ll also let you know the food and drinks to avoid.

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Diabetes and Dental Health

Did you know that diabetes affects millions of people with 1 in 16 people in the UK affected by the disease? According to Diabetes UK, type 2 diabetes is on the rise in the UK and since 1996 the number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK has risen from 1.4 million to over 3.5million. And, while you may know that people with diabetes need to monitor their glucose levels carefully, did you know that they are more likely to have dental health problems than those without? In this article, we’ll take a look at how diabetes affects your oral health and tips for keeping your mouth healthy.

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What causes your teeth to become stained?

Have you ever wondered why your teeth become stained even after regular brushing? Do you know what lifestyle factors can lead to tooth staining? Are you looking for ways to remove staining and get whiter looking teeth? In this blog, we’ll look at the anatomy of the tooth and what causes teeth to be stained as well as what you can do to reverse the effects.

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