Execudent Smile Makeovers

Many clients these days are looking to improve their smile to increase their self confidence. During smile consultations, we will discuss with you the various options to improve your smile. We can provide you with mock wax-ups which will give you a preview of the final results before we make any changes.

Before commencing treatment you will be provided with a full written treatment plan outlining the treatment costs involved. Your teeth may simply need whitening and re-contouring to improve their shade and shape. Sometimes drill or white fillings will be necessary to improve the cosmetics of the teeth. We will always try to provide the best cosmetic results and at the same time, try our best to remove none or very little tooth tissue.

Keeping as much good tooth tissue as possible is very important to us as no dental material is as good as your own healthy tooth tissue.

Should ceramic veneers and crowns be necessary, we will provide you with temporary veneers and crowns whilst your veneers and crowns are made by the lab. We only use expert and experienced lab technicians to provide you with highly aesthetic results.

Our dentists have a combined experience of placing thousands of ceramic veneers and crowns. Our dentists have also attended many cosmetic dentistry courses by renowned international experts.


We are now seeing patients under current guidelines and look forward to welcoming patients back into the practice to continue the excellent care we aspire to.
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