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Now you can smile again!

Because of your insecurity over the colour of your teeth, are you reluctant to smile?
Do you refuse to appear in photographs?
Do you feel uneasy about laughing at a joke?
Would you like to have a beautiful smile?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then teeth whitening is for you.

Office ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

Your teeth can be lightened immediately using this technique which is conducted in our Dental Practice.
Watch ZOOM! presentation below…


Our Office 1-hour power whitening can whiten teeth by up to several shades, brightening your teeth dramatically to its natural shade. Your lips and gums are covered and a gel is applied to your teeth. A special light is positioned over your teeth to activate the gel, which gently penetrates your teeth, breaking up stains and discolouration. Thus, providing you whiter and brighter teeth in less than an hour!

We have dental practices offering teeth whitening in a variety of locations, including on Old Street, near Shoreditch, and in Holborn, near Saint Pancras. The procedures we use are safe, tested clinically, and have absolutely no downtime. You’ll be in and out.


“Zoom has made my smile look twenty years younger. I was amazed at how short and easy the process actually was. I’m recommending Zoom! to all of my friends who want a simple, safe way to look better in less than an hour.”
– Iris, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


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Home Whitening

Thanks to the innovation in the teeth whitening industry. Teeth can be whitened by anyone while enjoying your time at home. It is quite easy. A whitening gel is placed in a custom-made tray which you can wear whilst asleep or for short periods during the day. Results are normally visible over two weeks.

Just like hair and skin colour, tooth colour will vary from person to person. There are numerous ways that teeth can be made to look whiter if they become discoloured. One is teeth whitening.

Why do teeth become discoloured?

Teeth become discoloured for many reasons. Tea, coffee, red wine and cigarette smoke can yellow your teeth. Certain medications can also cause the teeth to become grey. Teeth have nerves and blood vessels inside them. If these nerves and blood vessels are damaged, the tooth may become darker (this can happen because of decay, or if the teeth are knocked). Tooth decay, fillings and tartar build-up can contribute to discolouration. Simply because of age, many people develop yellowish staining on their teeth. The good news is that, thanks to teeth whitening, all the above can be overcome. With procedures using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to bleach out stains on your tooth enamel, excellent results can be achieved.

How much whiter will my teeth look?

This varies from individual to individual, but most people respond very well to teeth whitening treatment, seeing dramatic whitening results.

Does it hurt? And are there any side effects?

Your teeth may feel a little sensitive during and/or after the initial treatment. This is usually described by patients as sporadic sharp shooting pains coming from your teeth. But don’t worry. This should settle down after approximately 48 hours. We can even give you a special gel or mousse to apply to your teeth to help with the sensitivity.

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