Dental Pain can be incredibly difficult to deal with and can have a seriously negative effect on your daily life. At Smile Pad we know that living with dental pain is just not an option, so we work quickly to get to the bottom of what is causing the pain and help treat it so that our patients can recover as soon as possible.

What causes dental pain? Dental pain may be the result of any number of factors, from tooth decay to an abscess, gum disease to a loose or broken filling. A cracked or impacted injury, exposed tooth rot or the effect of a traumatic injury all may also result in tooth pain.

What can Smile Pad do? Our team of expert clinicians will work to identify the cause behind the dental pain that you are suffering. We will examine your teeth and mouth, and evaluate the likely cause of the issue using all of the tools at our disposal, before providing a treatment plan aimed at eliminating the pain as quickly as possible.

If you are suffering with dental pain then get in touch with us today. Our staff are dental pain specialists and we have clinics in London, Bristol, Chertsey and Salisbury.


We are pleased to inform all patients seeking dental treatment that our practices are, and will remain open to cater to all your dental needs and maintain your oral health. We are available should you need advice, urgent care, or simply wish to attend for any other dental treatment. Our practices operate under the strictest government guidance and coronavirus protocols. Your safety and the safety of your family remains our priority. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.
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