Whilst a large part of what dentists do involves treating issues as they arise, we also offer preventive dentistry services that can help you and your family maintain those perfect smiles and avoid issues in the years to come.

Preventive dentistry is an investment in future dental health for you and your family. It can help you steer clear of all sorts of problems, from bad breath and gum disease, to tooth decay, while we even offer screening for mouth cancer.

Smile Pad provides the full range of services for preventive dentistry, including specialist options for children such as applying fluoride applications and fissure sealants to prevent decay. Our dental hygiene services include professional cleaning and demonstrations of how to keep free of teeth plaque, while our advanced decay detection means we can spot and deal with problems as soon as they arise.

Other Treatments Include

Our preventive dentistry services cover London, Bristol, Chertsey and Salisbury. Feel free to get in touch for more information about Smile Pad.


We are now seeing patients under current guidelines and look forward to welcoming patients back into the practice to continue the excellent care we aspire to.
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